Have You Ever Been Stared at by a Hummingbird?

These are absolute marvelous photo’s. I love hummingbird’s and have been attracting them with plants now they nest in the bushes and suck the nectar from the plants will try and put up the plant that they so love. They buzz my head all the time when I walk out the door and have only been able to capture one as it was feeding on a feeder a few years ago. will try to find that picture as well.


Now you have!

The hummingbirds are now landing on my hand when I change the feeder. I have ordered a hand-held feeder, but have yet to determine how I will feed them and take pics at the same time! They tend to look at me quite directly as you can see in this and the next post’s photos!

Hummingbirds are one of the most aggressive bird species. They will attack jays, ravens and even some hawks. They climb to great heights and dive bomb each other at up to 60 mph!


The hummingbird above right is flying backwards away from another bird. Hummers are the only birds that can fly backwards. They can also fly upside down!
I have purchased a second hanging feeder to lessen the competition between the birds. I have heard and seen the impacts, but so far no bird has been injured, and they even co-operate…

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