Hedgerow Pain Perdu in Apple pie order

Wow looks like breakfast for Saturday coming up 😀

ice cream magazine

pan perdu hedgerow3

I feel today we shall be chatting partly in the 3rd person.  As some of you are aware, the mistress (I use the lingo diffidently) of the blog occasionally counsels counsel (legal counsel).  She breaks no confidence and deems it appropriate to share and indeed sort permission from her now much amused charge.

A grueling time was had some months ago trying bind the mental wounds and scars of a client whose husband had acquired a need to indulge in a little S&M with both a male and female colleague. Mrs X was utterly oblivious and found that her husband of some 17 years had been having a 5 year affair with a co-worker/s and or any combination there of.

He could be often heard saying on the phone ‘How much he would be enjoying some Apple pie right now’ to his work colleagues. I’d love a slice of Apple…

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