Rhapsody in blue-berry sponge pudding

Looks very nummy 😀

ice cream magazine

This pimply faced pud is utterly divine Dharlings like an opera singers bra, soft and delicate yet flexible and supportive for when she taps into her ‘resources’.

The crowd pleaser pud you seemingly fell for was from a friends 50 birthday party.  Cooked for about an hour in the bottom right oven of his Aga.

It was a tad nippy in the marquee and this and a couple of other puddings disappeared in a trice (served with hot custard, clotted, double and ice cream). It is the same recipe just cooked in a bain-marie, in a medium oven for 40-60 minutes with the top secured with a foil tin hat. I’ve made this since Adam was a lad and it is here by popular demand.

DSC_7015  bluberry pud

blueberry pudding with custard (copy) copy  blueberry pudding with custard

I’m already suffering from repetitive spice-syndrome this autumn and this pud is a simple satisfying alternative yet versatile for we inveterate tinkerers.

Note: I…

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