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Eating greens is the most nutritious food you can eat! I bet you did not know that you can eat weeds and flowers too!


The interesting part of all this is that flowers add color to any Salad or dish you choose.

Edible Flowers 3

Flower Power: Are Flowers Good for You?

Flowers are natural plant foods, and like many plant foods in nature often contain valuable nutrients for your health. For instance, dandelions contain numerous antioxidant properties and flavonoids, including FOUR times the beta carotene of broccoli, as well as lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. They’re also a rich source of vitamins, including folic acid, riboflavin, pyroxidine, niacin, and vitamins E and C. Other examples include:

  • Violets contain rutin, a phytochemical with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that ay help strengthen capillary walls
  • Rose petals contain bioflavonoids and antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, B3, C and E
  • Nasturtiums contain cancer-fighting lycopene and lutein, a carotenoid found in vegetables and fruits that is important for vision health
  • Lavender contains vitamin A, calcium and iron, and is said to benefit your central nervous system
  • Chive blossoms (the purple flower of the chive herb) contain vitamin C, iron and sulfur, and have traditionally been used to help support healthy blood pressure levels


It is important to gradually add them into your diet 



They also add color in a decorative center piece or cake that you can eat. For those family gatherings that you might have.

FlowersA7N harvest-flowers


Use weeds too!

Don’t forget your weeds!  Clover may not be liked by anyone trying to have a nice lawn, but it’s a really nutritious flower to eat.  Try it in salad or stir fry.  Traditionally it’s been made into tea for women’s problems.  It contains phytoestrogens that can be helpful to women suffering from hot flashes.  Dandelion petals can be added to muffins and breads.

Purselane can be found as a weed in many lawns.  It’s related to moss roses, which are also edible.  Don’t forget my favorite weed, chickweed.  The flowers are small, but still edible.  They make a more tender meal once the rest of the plant has gone tough in the warmer weather.  Chicory has been grown for it’s root that can be used as a coffee substitute.  But the flowers are edible too.  And elderberries!  I harvest the berries in the fall, but if I can get to them around June, the flower heads make a great treat.  You can simply batter them up and fry them.  Top with a bit of cinnamon sugar (I use stevia) and dip in lingonberry jam.  I had this when I was in Denmark a few years ago.  I thought they were nuts – until I tried it.

Green Deane is an expert on what to and what not to put in your mouth so it would be a good idea to do research on this and maybe even pick up a field guide when your out foraging in the woods.

There are many wild plants that can be eaten. So the next time you decide that your going to chop them weeds down check out Green Deane and see if you can eat it first.

Fiddle Fern Salad

Fiddle Fern Salad

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