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The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine ...

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine symbolized by the aura of man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been wanting to do this kind of blog for a long time now, since my studies and expertise in different forms of alternative health, with out drugs; natural healing and remedies. I’m not a doctor and will never claim to be. Just a grandmother of 9 and mother of 4 that has taught fitness classes and was involved in several areas of health. Kinesiology which is the study of human structure and function. Touch for Health which is body balancing. I’ve been a distributor for Shaklee products as well as Young Living essential oils. I give all the Glory to God! for everything I learned and do. It was always His plan for me to help others in any way I could. This is not going to be a preaching blog like Sword of Truth is. I want to share with you some of the incredible information that I have learned through out my studies, that have been put on the back burner for quite some time and now it is time to bring them to the front burner 🙂

Choice is always yours

Choice is always yours (Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi

I’m not going to stop there though cause I want to bring you also some yummy recipe’s. Recipe’s that my kids have enjoyed for years and I keep passing down. Recipe’s that have been passed down to me such as a perfect pastry; how many have struggled with pastry? It falls apart and won’t roll out … making bread .. my method of making Focaccia .. what is that you might say? Well it is an Italian kind of bread, not Italian here. I just learned a lot of Italian recipe’s growing up and some when I was a front line cook. There are many recipe’s out there and I may even give you some links to recipe’s I have tried and loved. Just 4 u

Cookies, cakes, hotcakes, casseroles, breads etc.; the way I do them, so that you can try them out for your self. Any and all suggestions, comments are welcome!

Bon Appetit!

mmmmm  Focaccia!!!

Vegetable focaccia.

Vegetable focaccia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

recipe for pumpkin muffin tops

recipe for pumpkin muffin tops (Photo credit: Christi @ Love From The Oven)

This recipe available on my blog Girl Interrup...

This recipe available on my blog Girl Interrupted Eating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

mmmm cookies!!!!

mmmm berry tarts!below right

mmmm perogies!!!below left

250px-Ruskiemmmm Panzarotti’s!!below left


Have I made you hungry yet?

I live in the south and my husband has never heard of any of these dishes but he loves them just the same. All recipe’s handed down 🙂 This is only the beginning of what is to come next …. There is a link to my recipe site on the side bar.

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