The Astounding Free Range Horses of Patagonia~

I love the free spirit that horses have and wish they would quit slaughtering them.

DSC04247 (1) (1)
The free ranging wild horses of Patagonia are called criollos. They were brought to Argentina in 1535 by Spanish settlers and were bred from Andalusians. Hundreds now roam wild on the Patagonian Steppe and are considered native to Argentina.
DSC04245 (1) (1)
My husband and I were out exploring one day deep into the steppe on a dirt road when we faced a herd of oncoming traffic moving at great speed.
DSC04246 (1) (1)
We stopped the car and I got out as the criollos streamed around us and I got these shots. It was a thrilling sight!
The criollos have the best long distance endurance of any breed next to the Arabians.
DSC04375 (1) (1)
They are hardy and able to live in harsh conditions and withstand the severe Patagonian winters.
By nature they are said to be tractable, intelligent and sensible.
We saw herds of them all over the steppe, sometimes at great distances. It was wonderful…

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Native Plants of the Mojave Desert~

Beautiful photo’s again! You amaze me with your talent!


Please Click to Enlarge for Optimal Viewing! These are the air sacks and flowers of the unusual Paperbag Bush or Flower Sage.


This beautiful plant creates multi-colored air sacks that contain nuts. Purple flowers extend from the air sacs creating a reamarkably beautiful sight!

Please see this link for more info and this interesting plant. I do have more photos for those interested,.

Dehydrated Prickly Pear Cactus, waiting for rain to come so they can engorge with water!

Joshua Tree seed pods.


The twisted shapes of The Joshua’s!


Yucca flower remnant.


Jumping Cholla cacti. They are called jumping because they easily detach when brushed and dig right on in! Ouch!

Cholla catctus flowers.

What beauty there is to behold in every season in the living desert! Cheers to you from Joshua Tree National Park and The Mojave Desert!

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FAT: Why are you?


HippocratesQuoteIs there such a thing as “immune system boosting”? Not really or so says one science-based health adviser as seen in the article at this link. However, the immune system can be protected.

What are ways you can protect your body, make it more efficient and beautiful, and increase its energy? Aren’t these fairly important to humans today?

I have taken time to collect a great number of the best granules of knowledge on this subject and have placed them in this article for your consumption.  What are some of the things that may make you sick, tired, or fat and how does that look? Be sure to click on the hyperlinks throughout this article to see further information.

o-HOW-MUCH-SLEEP-DO-YOU-NEED-facebook1. Sleep

According to the UK’s Mail Onlinejust one poor night’s sleep ‘will slow down your metabolism’ and lead to putting on weight. Just imagine what multiple…

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After all the Hard Work

I am pleased to say that my hens have begun to lay eggs in the past few weeks.

IMGA0990From raising them up from babies toIMGA0253 Adults. Some of you may think oh well what about them? Well for one thing they are laying a more nutritious egg then a store bought one.. So After Hubby built the chicken tractor I knew it was time to get them nesting boxes and just in time too cause one hen was already laying inside the small coop we had when we first brought them out.. so we made our lawn tractor shed into a chicken coop and the results are in the pictures below.IMGA0256




IMGA0307So they are now very Happy in their new home and it is much bigger for them I just bought some of those storage boxes with holes around the outside for ventilation took some old cupboard doors cut a hole big enough to insert into it and placed the plastic storage container inside and used a brace for the door that was extending out with a used 2×4 perfect fit!



Joshua Tree National Park~

Wow Great job Cindy.. absolutely awesome photo’s! Thank you for posting..


Just arrived at Joshua Tree National Park and I had to fire you a few preliminary shots! (Please click to enlarge!)


The geological formations here formed over 100 million years ago. The outcrops of rock are called Monadnocks.


Joshua Trees are native to the south-western United States and live mainly in the Mojave Desert where the National Park is located.


The geological formations in the park are some of the most interesting in California.


I have lived within a three hours drive of this place all my life and have never been here. Obviously, having gotten my first look today, I can not imagine why I never came here before! It is gorgeous!!


Joshua Trees scientific name is Yucca Brevifolia and it is a member of the Yucca family.


They are blooming now and I’ll show you this beautiful sight soon. There are lots of plants here I have never…

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CUCUMBERS: Help wrinkles and health!

I am sure many of you have heard of these health benefits… 😀 The best thing is! It is organic and natural..


cucumber-slicesCucumbers just might be one of the least expensive, but most important beauty tips you’ll receive in our lifetime.  They also have enormous health benefits as well.  To learn more about reducing puffiness and wrinkles on your face and skin, read the article at this link.  To learn more about the health benefits for cancer, diabetes, kidneys, blood pressure, and more, read the article at this link.



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