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Buster and His girls

In this day it is more economical to raise your own brood if you have a piece of land to do it.  We got a bunch of babies and lost 1/2 to a predator. We were able to save 13 birds and quite a few were roosters. We have a flock now of 6 hens and 1 rooster. So much more quieter now with out the other roosters chasing each other for dominance and pestering the hens. They are now 4 mths old and we are now ready to transfer them real soon to the new area for the winter. Putting the nesting boxes inside the tractor shed. This will give them so much more room and I will be happier when we get this built.

We built a chicken tractor out of some scrap 2×4’s that the neighbor gave us. Purely for their protection. I want to free range them but with all the predators I felt this was the safest and I would know where they were at all times. I put a piece of 2×4 under one end to keep it level and this also stops them from getting out. Here are some other examples I will put up the pictures in related content.

English: An A-frame chicken coop in a Portland...

English: An A-frame chicken coop in a Portland, Oregon backyard. Dimensions are 4 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 6 feet across. The metal device in the front is their 3-gallon waterer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chickens in the chicken tractor at an organic ...

Chickens in the chicken tractor at an organic farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lightweight chicken tractor I built, with ou...

A lightweight chicken tractor I built, with our three chickens (5 weeks old) exploring the outside for the first time. (also see Image:Close-up, three chicks in a coop.jpg) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicken tractor at Alderleaf Wilderness College

Chicken tractor at Alderleaf Wilderness College (Photo credit: Alderleaf Wilderness College)

I used to raise meat birds and leghorns years ago. Right now I have Barred Rocks(but I think they are also mixed because I got these chicks from someone who hatches for a hobby) He only charged me 2.00 per chick. Most of the sites to order chicks are now

A day-old chick

A day-old chick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

done for the winter. The earliest that you can get any more would be January and you can order them to be sent to your post office. You will have to go and pick them up as soon as they call you. They will be hungry so your also will want to have your brooding lamp going water and food in place for when you release them.

We used a box, took the sides down and then put them back together with duct tape and placed a old shower curtain on the floor for the bottom. The temperature for the babies needs to be about 85 degrees. you can keep track of this with a thermometer. The other indication is how the chicks act.. if they are separated and walking around all over when they are awake then the temperature is right. If they are all huddled in a corner under the lamp then they could be a little on the cool side. Naturally they will all huddle together when they go to sleep. To keep the warmth in I also put a towel over part of my boxed area away from the lamp of course just to keep some heat inside.

After a week you can raise the lamp. You can decrease the temperature 5 degrees each week. I had to put mine out into the pen when they got to about 3-4 weeks old cause they were trying to fly up and perch on the edge of the box 😀 If you have ordered any kind of meat bird they will be ready to butcher at 6 weeks. You can leave them longer as I did one time to 10 weeks and they were the size of small turkey’s. Keep your meat birds in a confined area so that they are not flying and mucking about too much and they will get big and fat. If you keep them eating,

I was told that mine would be meat birds but when butchering the roosters I found they were mostly feathers. They will be good in the stew pot since there is only the 2 of us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Home Made Fodder System

Free range poultry

Free range poultry (Photo credit: wattpublishing)

If you have animals and want to give them the good stuff and can’t let them free range ie like chickens, this is a great way of setting up a cheap fodder system he uses barley seed in this and I know many people are making this and feeding it to their cows, goats, sheep and other critters in a small farm. Sometimes commercial feeds can get to be quite expensive so if you have a place like this guy uses an old shower to grow his. There are other methods that you can use with seed trays and I will go into that in my next post.

I plan on finding a bag of seed to start mine for this purpose. My chickens I cannot let them run all around too many critters like foxes and other predators, so we built a chicken tractor for them. Fall is upon us and soon winter so this would be great for a supplement for any animal.

Barley is a crop sometimes grown for fodder

Barley is a crop sometimes grown for fodder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicken wings with a Twist

Pretty much every Friday I make Wings! Some people fry them. I have done it that way too!This is how I do it!
You can use this as a side dish or part of your main meal by adding your cooked vegetables and also depends on how many you are cooking for. You can even add these on the side with Pizza Pasta .. any thing goes,


2 lb chicken wings
seasoned salt
cajun poultry seasoning or regular
garlic powder or salt
buffalo wing sauce or any hot sauce

Prep Time
10-15 mins
Cook Time
1 hour 15


1 Wash all chicken parts and place on oiled sheet. You can use tin foil(but it will stick during the last part of the cooking so you have to watch). Glass 11×12/9×12 casserole dish will work.
*Note: Food Safety requires you to wash all surfaces utensils etc including your hands with soap and or bleach for surfaces/cutting boards.
2 Sprinkle evenly your seasoned salt. (poultry seasoning optional)Cook for 30 minutes at 375-400 degrees. Turn over and repeat seasoning adding in the others if you wish. You may have to add a bit more oil. Keep checking it for the last 30 minutes at 375 degrees Make sure it is done. Cooking time varies from oven to oven and altitude.
3 Ok so 15 more minutes on lower heat about 325-350 but add your hot sauce at this point. Those that like the honey garlic can add that in to 1/2 the recipe so you have a pan 1/2 and 1/2 sweet and hot. Or use another variation and add your favorite barbecue sauce. It is ready to serve.
4 More Variations:Serving with an added sauce or dip:Blue cheese dressing for the Hot wings or Ranch(cools it off)or Make your own!


Southern Fried Chicken

If your entertaining, got company this is the ticket … then have a side dish, a green

English: Fried Chicken - breasts. I used Drake...

English: Fried Chicken – breasts. I used Drake’s Cripsy Fry and deep fried them)or wings) to crispy perfection. No seasoning needed, in the mix. I did add crushed black pepper after done. I sometimes use or mix Crispy Fry as an alternative mix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

macaroni or potato salad to go with.

Ingredients (for buffet-style serving):

11 pounds chicken parts, washed and dried with paper toweling (I used breasts, wings, thighs, and legs.)
salt, to taste
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
flour, as needed (about 1 ½ cups)
peanut oil, as needed (I used ¼ cup for a 13 ½-inch cast iron skillet.)
butter, as needed (I used 1 tablespoon butter for a 13 ½-oz. cast iron skillet.)

Prepare chicken by washing, drying, and removing excess fat, gristle, etc. Salt, to taste, working the salt into the chicken, using your hands. Place 1 ½ cups flour in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag. Dip each of the salted pieces individually into the bag of flour, and shake to coat. Set coated chicken pieces aside. Heat ¼ cup peanut oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon butter, and continue to heat until a pinch of flour sizzles in the hot oil/butter combination. Now, place a single layer of salted and flour-dredged chicken in the hot oil. Brown on the bottom side, and then turn each piece. Place the skillet in a 400 to 450 degree oven. Oven fry the chicken for about 10 minutes, then turn each piece over. Continue to oven fry the chicken until crisp and golden. Chicken must be cooked all the way through, with no pink showing! Remove the skillet of chicken from the oven, and place each piece of fried chicken on a tray covered with paper toweling to drain. Repeat this process with additional peanut oil and butter, until all salted, flour-dredged pieces are done. Serve the chicken in a large container (such as a rectangular foil pan) with the rest of your buffet. These 11 pounds of chicken made 25 large pieces, enough to feed quite a crowd of people! I hope you like my Crispy Southern Fried Chicken!