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Natural chicken coop fly spray

Now that I have a bunch of animals I am always looking for ideas to keep the flies down and ran across this recipe ..
I don’t like to use things that will harm the animals so I figured I would give this a whirl but first have to plant some more basil and mint.. 😀

As well I have started a Pinterest Board for my chickens and my goats

Follow Barbie’s board Chickens on Pinterest.

Follow Barbie’s board Back Yard farming and goat husbandry on Pinterest.



Cotton Fields and a Preying Mantis

Fall is Here and the farmers have been bringing in their harvest I wanted to catch the cotton fields before they sprayed the defoliant and took the trash out and look what I seen on the inside of the trash can.IMGA0207 IMGA0210 IMGA0209IMGA0211


How To Make Homemade Deodorant

Home made is way better then putting the aluminum on your skin cause that is what is in deodorant . The skin has pores and anything you put on it is absorbed into the skin and transferred through the body.

Megan Has OCD

DSC_0653When I went to the essential oils class on Saturday with my mom, there was mention of homemade deodorant.  I had never even thought of this, but was instantly interested and so was my mom.  I hate using deodorant because of the possibility of getting breast cancer.  

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