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Natures Jewels!

Absolutely!! I cannot resist the wonder of these little birds as they squabble over territory,, they send their scouts out to look for food and when they find it they bring the rest of the clan with them.. I purposely grew the type of vine that they love for nectar so that they would have natures best, As the cooler weather comes upon us even in the south there are still some blooms but not many and these little guys will be flying back to a warmer climate, stopping along the way to gather nectar from those last blooms along the way. Thank you Cindy your photography is awesome!

These are my favorite jewels! (Click to enlarge).


Whenever I go on a trip, I worry about the hummingbirds.

I am always relieved to find them hale, hearty, and bickersome!


How long can I force myself to go without posting about The Holler Hummingbirds?


Just about as long as my trip!

I can’t resist them!

Can you?


Cheers to you from all The Holler Hummers (and their dutiful human!)

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My Kind of Tweets: Canadians All!

Spruce Grouse are cool … I love birds … Used to see a lot of them in Clinton B.C.

Clark’s Nutcracker


DSC04058 (1)

Spruce Grouse




Get in Line, Picture Time!


Taking off, Canadian Geese.


And lastly, the lowly crow! Like all Corvids, including the magpies, they are intelligent, have excellent memories for faces and people who do mean things to them, and frequently bring you gifts. IF… they like you!! Check out my gift from the Magpie below!
And yes, I loved it!!


Cheers to you from all my Canadian peeps!!

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Home Made Fodder System

Free range poultry

Free range poultry (Photo credit: wattpublishing)

If you have animals and want to give them the good stuff and can’t let them free range ie like chickens, this is a great way of setting up a cheap fodder system he uses barley seed in this and I know many people are making this and feeding it to their cows, goats, sheep and other critters in a small farm. Sometimes commercial feeds can get to be quite expensive so if you have a place like this guy uses an old shower to grow his. There are other methods that you can use with seed trays and I will go into that in my next post.

I plan on finding a bag of seed to start mine for this purpose. My chickens I cannot let them run all around too many critters like foxes and other predators, so we built a chicken tractor for them. Fall is upon us and soon winter so this would be great for a supplement for any animal.

Barley is a crop sometimes grown for fodder

Barley is a crop sometimes grown for fodder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildlife Jasper National Park: Pt. I

Ahhh Jasper!!

What to do when a bull moose walks right by you and you are in the middle of the wilderness? Back up slowly and take a pic….

or four! He got into some tussles with small pine trees, that looked rather aggressive, but I think he was just scratching his antlers. (I’ll post them if you want to see them)

Here is a sweet-faced peaceful lady elk. I was taking her pic from fairly close by, and she was unperturbed.

DSC04309 (1)

DSC04307 (1)
When all of a sudden there was this helacious din, that sounded something like a dinosaur. It is elk mating season in Jasper National Park, and I was right in the path of Sammy the suitor and his intended. No matter to him that his mating path was right in front of our cabin! He ran up to his intended, and saw me in his way….(Male elk in rut…

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Beauty is Truth & Truth Banff!

More awesome photography! Thank you for posting!! the water is like a glass mirror! That is what I so loved about the mountains.

(Please click on photos for optimal viewing!)

DSC04150 (1)


Moraine Lake

Ten Peaks (three of them!)



Upside-down Tree Lake….my name.
Moraine Lake



Paradise River, both shots.

Heading deeper in to the wilderness tomorrow, so I am not sure if there will be internet access. I will check in when I am able. Cheers to you from Canada!

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Reflections of Beauty

Yes all you have to do is LOOK! I personally am happy to be living in the country among the critters 😀

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


Whose the Fairest of Them All?

Her beauty is reflected,

It runs deep,


and free.

It is a place for all creatures to find solace through time,

if we don’t destroy it.

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Pakleni dan / Hell of a day

Beautiful great pictures!

Just One Day In a Lifetime

Ovo nije bilo planirano. Još manje je bilo planirano objavljivanje dva vlastita dana za redom. No, što je tu je. Ljeto je. Pakleno ljeto.

Zvučnike, molim.


This was not the plan. And it was definitely not the plan to publish two days of my own in a row. Well, it is what it is. Summer. Hell of a summer.

Speakers, please.



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The Autumn Leaves Are Turning Gold At Lake Louise In Banff National Park!


(Please Click on Photos to Enlarge for Optimal Viewing!)


Looking towards six glaciers across Lake Louise.

Hiking Towards the Glaciers.

Getting side tracked exploring streams.

Looking Back at Chateau Lake Louise.
Reaching the Glacier.

Nature’s glory everywhere! Cheers to you from beautiful Banff~

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