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Cast Iron cookware


Dutch oven from the 1890s. Note the evidence o...

Dutch oven from the 1890s. Note the evidence of ashes on the lid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what shape they are in they can be fixed. You may have to take a grinder to them if they are badly pitted or lots of elbow grease with a scouring pad to get rid of the rust but it is well worth the time to put into it to restore the cast iron cookware. I know I did just that. I had a whole set I had to refurbish and this is what I did.

  • scrub the dickens out of them to get the rust off and rinse
  • repeat of necessary
  • heat your oven to 375 degrees place pots in oven for 10 mins ths gets any moisture out of the iron
  • rub all over with oil inside and out
  • continue heating for another 30 mins
  • let cool slightly and rub more oil on the inside
    Cast iron pan

    Cast iron pan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • you can wipe them clean after this
  • you may have to repeat the above process a couple times pot should be dark after seasoning is complete
  • after using wipe clean with paper towel do not immerse in soapy water
  • if food has stuck any where you may need to use a plastic scouring pad and rinse
  • place on stove top burner on medium and let it heat up to get the moisture out
  • season with oil again pan is ready for next cooking
  • You can do this on the stove top burners if you want but I had so many that the oven was more convenient


  • You may have to take a sanding or grinding wheel to the cookware if it is pitted
  • wash and rinse really well after this process
  • I have seen some people take oven cleaner spray it on and place in plastic bag over night
  • then clean really well
  • the important part is to make sure the cast iron does not have any moisture this is why you heat it first before seasoning with oil.
  • then you can start oil top and bottom and heat to 375 you may have to repeat this process several times to get the desired color back into the cast iron.(don’t forget the handles and lids if they have them)
  • once the outside is good then concentrate on the inside …
  • repeat oil and heating till desired color (it should be dark)
  • you can test the pan out by cooking something in it if it does not stick then you have successfully seasoned your pan/pot
  • Last but not least NEVER cook anything that has acidity like tomatoe sauce anything acidic will eat at your seasoning and you could end up with some in your food and Never leave anything left over in your pot after ward empty it into a container for storage and clean the pot as directed above. DONE!!

Here is a picture of what your pan should look like when the seasoning is finished:


Delicious Pull Apart Pizza Bread!!

1/3 cup garlic dipping oil
32 oz pizza dough
7-8 oz sliced pepperoni
8 oz mozzarella cheese, shredded
Pizza seasoning, if desired

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Separate pizza dough into small bite sized pieces.
3. In a bowl add dipping oil & toss dough pieces to lightly coat.
4. Layer dough pieces in bottom of bundt pan.
5. Next layer sliced pepperoni, shredded cheese and sprinkle with pizza seasonings. Repeat layers again, and end with final layer of dough pieces.
6. Bake in the preheated oven until the bread is browned and cooked through in the center, 30-40 min
7. Remove from oven, and invert the pan on a cutting board; the bread will fall out of the pan in one piece.
8. Serve by pulling the bread apart into individual servings with optional ranch, bleu cheese, or your favorite pizza/pasta/marinara sauce.