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Home made Pancakes


Moms home made pancakes



1 1/3 c. flour 1 egg
3 teas. B. Powder 3Tblsp. melted butter or oil
1/2 teas. salt 1 1/4 c. milk
3 tblsp. sugar 1/4 teas vanilla
Sift flour,baking P,salt and sugar. Beaten eggs add milk. Add melted butter and vanilla.
I like to do all the wet ingredients together first then add the dry stuff. Mix altogether and batter is still a little lumpy. about 1/4 c to each pancake or more if desired.

*Note: you can make batter thick for waffles as well and make it as thin as you like by adding more milk. When cooking … look at the cake and if you see good sized bubbles on the outside then it is time to flip. Pancakes also known as hotcakes should be golden brown on both sides.



Sour milk

Make pancake batter using sour milk or buttermilk. Reduce B.Powder to 1 1/2 teas. Add 1 teas. B. Soda dissolved in warm water.
Make pancakes increasing sugar to 1/3 c. reduce milk to 1 c. Add 1 cup floured blueberries. Cook slower then plain pancakes.
Make pancake batter. Reduce milk to 1 c. add 1/4 teas vanilla.Add 1 cup grated apple 1/2 teas b.soda dissolved in warm water.
Ginger n spice
Make batter. To dry ingredients add 1/4 teas cinnamon and 1/8 teas all spice.
Make batter. Reduce sugar to 2 teas.and milk to 1 c.fold in 3/4 c . mashed banana at the end.

French Pancakes

3 eggs separated 3/4 c flour
1 tblsp.sugar 1 tblsp.melted butter
1 c. milk currant, apple or rasberry jelly
Beat egg yolks till thick. Add sugar and 1/2 cup milk. Stir in flour with remaining milk and butter. Beat egg whites untill stiff but not dry, fold into batter. When cakes are cooked spread the jelly of ur liking on them and roll up. sprinkle with granulated sugar or powder sugar on top